Oxygen Scavengers

DO2 (dissolved oxygen) is a prime contributor to corrosion in power plant steam cycles and is affected by a number of design and chemistry related parameters. Correct plant operations and reliable instrumentation information contribute to maintain low oxygen levels. The addition of oxygen scavengers is one solution that is commonly applied to meet this goal.

Organic and inorganic oxygen scavengers decrease or remove the level of oxygen in the water by reacting with the dissolved oxygen in the water. This reduces the accelerated corrosion caused by the presence of oxygen in a high heat environment.

The difference between oxygen scavengers lies in their effectiveness, temperature ranges, cost, reaction time and type of systems where they can be utilized.


AquaNile Chemical Industries available treatment programs (ANOX XXXX Series)

  • Catalyzed Inorganic Oxygen Scavengers
  • Organic Oxygen Scavengers