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Corrosion Inhibitor

Inhibitor PS Series

Corrosion is an electrochemical process by which a metal returns to its natural oxide state. It causes loss of metal thickness or even penetration of tube walls which can cause leakage of process fluids into the cooling water or vice versa. Corrosion is generally a greater concern with the more common, lower cost materials like mild steel.

In cooling systems, corrosion causes two basic problems. The first and most obvious is the failure of equipment with the resultant cost of replacement and plant downtime. The second is decreased plant efficiency due to loss of heat transfer-the result of heat exchanger fouling caused by the accumulation of corrosion products.

ANCI offers corrosion inhibitors for industrial/institutional cooling water based on zinc phosphate, phosphate free, all organic. As well as corrosion inhibitors for closed cooling loops i.e. chillers based on molybdate or nitrite or both.

Some causes of corrosion in the oil and gas fields:
  • Oxygen plays an important role, however it’s not normally preset in producing formations, but it’s introduced during drilling stage.
  • Water or Carbon dioxide produced or injected for secondary recovery can cause sever corrosion.
  • Acid used to reduce formation damage around the well or remove scale.
  • Also, High temperature, pressure and velocity play important role in corrosion.
  • H2S which precipitates in growth of SRB-Sulfate reducing bacteria- is also another cause for corrosion.
  • Easy handling with advance delivery services.

ANCI offers a wide range of corrosion inhibitors to suit all situations and budgets.