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Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling water systems is considered to be one of the most important parts of any industrial plants, since problems in the cooling systems can cause severe damage, outage of equipment and in some cases plant shutdown. Therefore, chemical conditioning programs of cooling water is a crucial requirement and must be properly selected, applied and monitored.

The objectives of the chemical conditioning program are to minimize all the potential problems that can affect the system, such as:

  • Control corrosion rate to prevent equipment failure.
  • Prevent scale formation and deposition on heat transfer surface to maximize system performance.
  • Control microbiological activity and maintain system cleanliness.
  • Allow the cooling system to operate at the optimum conditions to minimize operation costs.
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime costs.
  • Easy handling with advance delivery services.

Browse AquaNile Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Corrosion Inhibitors

Avoid metal loss, shutdowns and equipment deterioration.

Deposit and Scale Control

Maximize heat transfer efficiency, avoid scale build up and equipment fouling.

Microbiological Control

Maintain a clean metal surface and avoid accumulation of biofilm.

Closed Cooling Systems

Reduce maintenance, shutdowns and have a smooth operation.