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Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

Membrane elements are significant investments that can face early degradation and performance loss as a result of an inadequate service program.

Due to small pore sizes, concentration factors, membrane roughness, chemical compatibilities, and other factors such as fouling, scaling, and premature membrane deterioration can all sufficiently affect system performance. This can result in loss of flux, lower rejection rates, higher pressure drops, shorter membrane life and high operation costs.

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RO Coagulants / Filter Aids and SDI Reduction

Increase filtration efficiency and improve water quality.

Membrane Biological Control

Effective sanitation of RO and other membrane water...

Chlorine Removers

Protect your membrane against harmful effects of free chlorine.

Membrane Antiscalant

Effectively control scales including silica, calcium...

Membrane Cleaners

Remove organics, silt, microbiological accumulations and other particulate...